Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm NOT in the Heinz Contest Top 15!

Yes, it's unfortunate. I didn't make it into the Top 15. HOWEVER I'm not sad at all!
Due to the amount of entries in the contest, they're doing the same exact contest again this October! It's called Top This Take Two!
This is actually great news, because now I can resubmit My Best Friend with the new music I wrote for it (it's the same music but with some other notes in it) and I can blur out the brands in the background of I Heart Heinz and enter THAT again too!

For now, go and watch the Top 15 entries if you want at, but starting this October I'm going to enter again so keep watching for my entries!

Also, I want to thank everyone for their support up to this point. I had ALOT of people who planned on voting for me, so thanks alot to all of you! :D

PS. I don't think Chip Johnosn, Justin Kady, or Dan Raleigh's entries are good enough for the Top 15. And I think Joseph Garner and Jeremiah Jones' entries are incredible, but unfair to anyone else without that technology. Those might as well have been made by professionals (as I'm sure they were) rather than by the public. Oh well, they did come out amazing. :P

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