Sunday, August 5, 2007

Warped Tour recap

Okay so Warped Tour was amazing this year, like it usually is. I was smart this time though and crowd surfed/moshed every chance I got. I usually don't want to because I don't want to lose Rowe haha, but I did'nt lose him any time because I just found my way back to him. Same with when he did it. Fun as helllllll. :D
I've got a cut on my neck, a pain in my side, and my foot wouldn't move for afew minutes! :O Now it's fine, but still lol. Weeeeeeeeird.
Everyone in Forever The Sickest Kids signed my shirt and I took pictures with two of them. :D They were probably my favorite. I want to go see them again somewhere!

It's my mom's birthday so I gotta go see what's going on.
Lata hatazzzz

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