Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More news about the TV show I'll be on in the Fall + Heinz contest!

Today I found out while talking to the people from The CW that I'm going to be on the THIRD EPISODE. Yes that is the THIRD (3rd) EPISODE. Haha I hope it's clear what episode I'll be on (the third one) so you can watch it! They're going to be filming the episode I'm on next week, so they're sending someone to my house tomorrow to pick up a CD with my videos on it.

Now the show premieres on Sunday, September 23rd at 7:30 on The CW (Channel 11). If my math is correct (which it is since I checked on my computer's calendar), the episode I'm in should be airing on October 7th which is two weeks later. I think that would be the third episode haha. I'll tell you all for sure when they let me know I guess.

Other important-ish news is that the Heinz Ketchup Commercial contest deadline is Monday, August 6th! :O If you haven't seen my entries into the contest, CLICK HERE to see both. I'm going out later with my dad to pick up supplies for the last entry I'm filming on Friday. Then I'm done and I have to cross my fingers that I make it into the Top 15. If I DO make it into the Top 15, I need EVERYONE to go to the website and vote for me. Then I need you to tell everyone you know to vote for me as well, and so on.

And now I'm gonna go continue to be bored out of my mind.

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