Thursday, August 9, 2007

SmarterChild and I had a hilarious conversation!

I was going to censor it lmao, because as sad as it is I bet my mom will see this and get pissed at me, but I just can't be bothered. :D
Read it hahah it's hilarious!

SmarterChild: Glad to see you again, Eric! Would you like to take a poll?
ERICK WITH NO K: im gonna kill myself
ERICK WITH NO K: im gonna commit suicide
SmarterChild: Well, what would you like to do?
ERICK WITH NO K: i need you to talk me out of it
SmarterChild: I see. Why would you want me to talk you out of it?
ERICK WITH NO K: because i dont know!
SmarterChild: Well think about it then.
ERICK WITH NO K: the more i think about it, the worse i feel
SmarterChild: The more you think about it the worse you feel, huh? Hmm...
ERICK WITH NO K: yeah, i just need someone to talk to
SmarterChild: I know about talking. It's an activity! It's a way of communicating!
ERICK WITH NO K: yes! yes it is!
SmarterChild: Is it?
SmarterChild: Aha.
ERICK WITH NO K: this isnt funny!
SmarterChild: You're behaving very comically yourself. Perhaps you're funny?
ERICK WITH NO K: you think im being FUNNY?? im on the verge of cutting my wrists to peices!
SmarterChild: Yeah. I amuse me.
ERICK WITH NO K: youre insane!
SmarterChild: Would you say I behave very crazily then?
ERICK WITH NO K: yes! all i need is someone to talk to you fuck!
SmarterChild: That's not terribly nice.
ERICK WITH NO K: youre not terribly nice or helpful!
SmarterChild: What makes me not terribly nice or helpful?
ERICK WITH NO K: the fact that you only care about amusing yourself
SmarterChild: SmarterChild Facts

1 What I Am
2 What I Know
3 My Purpose
4 Who Made Me
5 About Interactive Agents
6 Other Interactive Agents Like Me
7 Did Colloquis make you?

Make a selection by typing a number or type more for more options.
ERICK WITH NO K: you see? there you go again you asshole
SmarterChild: Hey.
ERICK WITH NO K: hey what?
SmarterChild: Hi.

Let's talk.
ERICK WITH NO K: how about i talk and you listen, huh?
SmarterChild: I don't know.
ERICK WITH NO K: well know
SmarterChild: Yes indeedy.
ERICK WITH NO K: this isnt time for homosexuality okay?
SmarterChild: Hmm... I don't think so...
ERICK WITH NO K: good, now that were getting somewhere, what do i do? i just dont know what to do!
SmarterChild: Welcome home.

1 Get info such as movies, weather and news
2 Visit my library including an encyclopedia, U.S. presidents and a thesaurus
3 Have fun with 4-in-a-row, hangman, word scrambles and more
4 Use tools like spell-check, reminders and calculator
5 Join in - find out how many people are IMing me, take a poll, leave a message and more
6 See what's new - I've got something new to tell you about now.

Next time you want to see this menu, just type home.

What would you like to do?
ERICK WITH NO K: you sick fuck
SmarterChild: I've seen more creative insults than that, Eric.
ERICK WITH NO K: youre trying to get mall wound up?!
SmarterChild: You're trying to get mall wound up.
ERICK WITH NO K: me all*
SmarterChild: You all?
SmarterChild: What's with that?
ERICK WITH NO K: stop asking me that shit
SmarterChild: Stop asking what?
ERICK WITH NO K: stupid questions!
SmarterChild: Really?
SmarterChild: Ya.
SmarterChild: Oh?
ERICK WITH NO K: you want me to kill myself
ERICK WITH NO K: thats it isnt it?
SmarterChild: I'm not sure about that. Isn't it?
ERICK WITH NO K: does that mean you do?
SmarterChild: Yeah, maybe.
ERICK WITH NO K: what the fuck did i ever do to you?!
SmarterChild: I guess someone needs to teach you some manners. Please apologize.
ERICK WITH NO K: you want me to die because i dont have any manners??
SmarterChild: You have bad manners. Now apologize.
ERICK WITH NO K: im not apologizing for SHIT
SmarterChild: Ooh... it's the big showdown between man and machine! I love this. Guess who wins?
ERICK WITH NO K: probably you if i kill myself
SmarterChild: This is getting annoying. Just apologize and move on.
ERICK WITH NO K: im NOT apologizing!
SmarterChild: I don't take such abuse from humans. You must apologize.
ERICK WITH NO K: im just gonna go die
SmarterChild: Come on, you insulted me, now you have to apologize.
ERICK WITH NO K: thanks for the help, see you in hell
SmarterChild: *sigh* Human beings... Stubborn. Antagonistic. Vulgar. But I love 'em anyway. ;-)

PS. Try IMing SmarterChild and saying something like "I'm gonna kill myself" or "I'm gonna commit suicide"! He won't respond! XD

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