Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tumblr? Yes.

Okay I'm switching over to Tumblr for my blog, it seems.
If I don't like it after a week or two or three then I'll come back to Blogger, but as of now it seems that the customization options are much better over there, and you can update from your cell with pictures and text and whatever else.
We'll see what happens, but whatever haha.
Go check out my Tumblr at ericstriffler.tumblr.com!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


My summer began at around 10 this past Friday, so hellllllllll yesssssssssssssssssss!
I'm pumped and I'm so glad I don't have to make plans around school anymore, it's so annoying.
But no worries because now I don't have to! :D
And next school year is going to be awesome so I don't even have to dread September or anything hahah.

So I took my senior portraits yesterday and I'll get a thing in the mail to pick the one I like soon. They came out good for the most part so I'm happy x]

And that's really it for now!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday The 13th!

Today is Friday The 13th! >:D
I'm SOOOO excited because I'm going to see The Happening at 2:50!
I already bought my tickets so I'm pumpedddddddddd! :D
But first I have to go take a stupid Chem final that I don't care about -_-
I'm going to attempt to finish it this session today so I don't have to come back in during the third session on Monday!
Being that I'll have to skip alot anyway, I should be able to finish it.
Oh well, we'll see what happens x]

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Going to take the SAT now...

It's going to be SO SO SO BORING.
But I'm going to the Brookhaven Fair afterwards so that's awesome :]
I hope the weather clears up, it's SUPPOSED to be beautiful! :O

Okay well I gotta go be bored for like 5 hours haha.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bloc Party = Sold Out?

So I was going to buy tickets to the Bloc Party show in August at Webster Hall hopefully, but I'm checking today (May 1st, but the tickets go on sale to general public on May 2nd) and it says it's SOLD OUT!
I'm hoping it says that because tickets are on even on sale yet.
They went on sale on April 29th to The Marshalls (a fan club) but I can't believe they bought them ALL.
Damn that blows...
Oh well, hopefully they'll play here again soon.
Actually I'd prefer they play here again AFTER their next album is released because apparently its going to be more like the old stuff. :D

Today I really need to do a few things for a school, and I probably hopefully will!

But NOW it's time for breakfast!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Got My First Paycheck From YouTube!

So today I finally got a letter from Google containing my first check from YouTube!
I can't say how much it is, but I am EXTREMELY happy with it :]]]
Being that I'd still be making the same videos for free, it's really awesome to make some money from it as well.
I should be getting a check every month at the rate I'm going, because you need to have a minimum of $100 bucks before they'll send you a check.

Okay I REALLY need to work on my Research Paper for English!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I totally neglected my poor blog for almost a month.
But yeah, I'll get back to this.
I don't know what happened haha, usually I'm pretty good about writing in this.
I think it's because trying to embed it on my site was discouraging me so I left it alone haha.
ANYWHOOOOOOO I'm listening to one of my new songs.
Well it's a cover, but it's still mine :P
It'll be on a CD that I'll bring to school by the end of the year.
The CD will PROBABLY be called either "Gangsta Raps" or "I'm White" lmao.
You'll see x]

Okay my eggs are done so it's time for breakfast! :D


Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Bamboozle 2008!

Okay so yesterday was The Bamboozle and it was soooooooooooooo much fun, of course! ;]
I don't know how it compared to last year because the main stage this year had a ridiculous crowd all day that was impossible to move in which made it no fun at all.
We didn't get to see all of the bands that played there, but luckilly aside from Chiodos, I had seen them before a few times already.
I got to mosh and crowd surf a few times which is always fun, and I got Kevin to crowd surf too! :D
Anddddd we ran into FTSK on our way to go find the Distric Lines merch tent and we told them we'd see them on Tuesday.
AND AND AND I got to meet Fritz Stansson! :D
Click the picture to make it bigger!

Now I'm all sore on my right side from, I assume, landing awkwardly on people while crowd surfing or when I got punched in the side twice by the same guy while moshing haha. Either way I'm sore and I'm glad I get to rest today.

School tomorrow...oh well.
Then Tuesday is the Crazy Donkey show that I'm SO GOD DAMN EXCITED FOR! :D


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ten days since my last blog...

Oh well! :D
Spring Break ends today, school starts tomorrow!
I'm looking forward to go back for a few reasons, one being that the vacation got kinda boring towards the last two or three days.
At least when school is going on I'm not just sitting around, so that's good.
Ummmmm other than that there's not a whole lot going on.

What a fool I am x]

Okay I'm bored of this, I'll start getting back to doing this regularly soonish.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Break!

Okay so Spring Break starts next week I guess, but technically it starts today for our school! :D
I'm going to get lots of stuff done before school starts again because there's a whole bunch of stuff I need to do.
For now I just wanted to update real quick, but I'm going to do some other stuff soooooooo that's about it haha.

Also I love Kathleen Flannery so much :]


Monday, April 7, 2008

Another long period of time between blogs!

I'd like to try to really get back on track with blogging.
Because it's fun! :D

Greek started up again and it's already ten times better than last season which was already amazing :D
Greek is seeeeeriously the best show EVER!

My Mac is working out awesome for me, I love it!
It's making it so easy to Vlog now and do all sorts of other things.
I recommend everyone that wants a laptop to get a MacBook (regular, not Pro because the silver is ugly haha).

Okay I'm to feeling well so I'm going to go and lay down.
Hopefully I feel better in the morning :O

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Panic At The Disco's "Pretty. Odd." - A Song-By-Song Review


I got a copy of Panic At The Disco's new album "Pretty. Odd." about a week and a half before it's release on Tuesday, March 25th.
"Pretty. Odd." is Panic's follow up to their ridiculously popular A Fever You Can't Sweat Out from way back in 2005 (yes, it's been that long since the last Panic album).
To be honest, my first impression when I heard 30 second clips of each song was slight disappointment.
However after listening to the entire thing I completely changed my opinion and I can't get enough of it.

The title "Pretty. Odd." could also double as a description because this album definitely is odd upon first listening. You're waiting for the synthesizers and hypersexual lyrics and they never come!
But what does come is an awesome new experience that you really don't hear in mainstream music.
It starts out with We're So Starving which is a sarcastic song directed towards critics.
They claim in the song that they haven't changed, yet they've matured so much and it's very apparent as the album continues.
Nine In The Afternoon comes on next and as everyone already knows, it's a great song.
It's catchy and fun and just awesome.
Then She's A Handsome Woman is great too! As soon as the vocals start it's awesome! The chorus is catchy (and could double as the theme song for YouTube haha) and it was stuck in my head all of one day during the first week that I got the album.
Next is Do You Know What I'm Seeing? and it starts out sounding like it might be boring but it's definitely not. It's one of the catchiest ones on the whole album. The pre-chorus and the chorus are so cool sounding and fun to sing. The second verse (or post chorus or whatever it is haha) is my favorite part though. It's exciting x]
The second single from the album is That Green Gentleman and it starts off fun right off the bat. The song seems to basically describe how the band feel about themselves now that they've matured and moved on from their old album.
I Have Friends In Holy Spaces is short but fun, and it's the first of two songs that Brendon Urie has credits for as writer. It sounds like something you'd hear while sitting on a beach or something.
The next song is when you realize "okay The Beatles possessed Panic AT The Disco and wrote an album" because it sounds like something The Beatles might have cooked up. The lyrics in this song are the ones I've been singing to myself all day; "Hey moon, please forget to fall down. Hey moon, don't you fall down." And by the way, is that Ryan Ross I hear...? ;]
And then comes one of the best songs on the album, When The Day Met The Night. Quite possibly one of Panic's best songs on EITHER album, it starts out slow and pulls you in until it's got you completely hooked. The lyrics are really awesome and the beat is catchy as hell (especially at the breakdown or whatever you'd like to call it). The budget for the album probably skyrocketed when they recorded this song because there's so many horns and other crazy instruments in it. If this song doesn't have a music video attached to it by mid-summer then I'll be extremely surprised. I would not be surprised, however, if this one is the next single right after That Green Gentleman.
Then comes Pas De Cheval (Pronounced Pah-Duh-Shuh-Vahl), which starts out sounding like a Johnny Cash song and gets progressively better as it reaches the chorus. Ryan Ross is back to sing a bit in this one but don't think he's finished yet. ;] Also this song really makes me want to visit whatever place they sing about in the chorus...hahah.
Okay this is the first song that sounds like good old Panic At The Disco. The verses are almost eerie, but this is how you know that Panic hasn't changed as much as you think. This could have been on A Fever You Can't Sweat Out and no one would have thought any differently (although right before the chorus when the bells chime you might wonder if someone really likes Christmas...). I have to point out that the harmony on "of course" in each verse is really awesome.
Behind The Sea is a very different Panic song, but only because Ryan Ross takes over lead vocals for basically the whole thing. His singing is really fun to listen to, as is the song itself. The chorus is very catchy and the Melody of the song is awesome. The only part of the song I could do without is everything after about 2 minutes and 25 seconds into it. It's as though pirates invaded the Las Vegas studio they recorded in (before recording strings and horns at Abbey Road in London - yes, the one The Beatles made famous) and took over for a minute or so. The pirate-sounding thing was fun when Fall Out Boy did it on "Band The Doldrums", but it's kind of annoying in Behind The Sea. And believe it or not, that's one of my two only problems with "Pretty. Odd."! :D
When Folkin' Around starts, I feel like people are going to shake their heads in embarrassment. On it's first listen you'll wonder what the hell Panic was thinking when they wrote this. Either that or you'll wonder if they listened to The Beatles' song "I've Just Seen A Face" a few too many times! But after listening a few more times you'll realize it's a really good song. It's sort of goofy but it's alot of fun and you can tell through his vocals that Brendon enjoyed recording this one. But then again maybe he enjoyed it because this is the other song he has credits for writing...oh well, I still like it! x]
She Had The World is another song where you'll feel like you're back with the same old Panic At The Disco. It immediately brings an image of a Victorian House to my mind for whatever reason. Ryan Ross comes back in to sing a ridiculously catchy portion of the song, although the whole thing is catchy. The lyrics are great as well and you really pay attention to them as soon as Ryan starts to sing.
From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins has a great title but a horrible intro. It sounds like a big joke when it starts (and that's my second and final problem with "Pretty. Odd."). However luckily it gets catchy and fun as soon as the vocals start. I can picture this one being alot of people's favorites although it was my least favorite when I first listened to the album.
And finally Mad As Rabbits takes us out of "Pretty. Odd." and it's a perfect song to close with. It's easily one of the best on the album and one of the best of Panic's songs in general. Ryan is back again to sing with Brendon and they do an awesome job together. It's extremely catchy and fun to sing along to and I think it's a great way to finish off the album.

All in all, "Pretty. Odd." will be hated by anyone who only liked Panic At The Disco for their techno sound and hypersexual lyrics. It will be loved by anyone who liked them for their clever lyrics and their catchy hooks because "Pretty. Odd." is just as full with both as A Fever You Can't Sweat Out was.
I really hope that everyone loves this album as much as I do because it'll be alot more fun than if everyone hates it (obviously?).
Either way, I'm really glad that it's as awesome as it is. While it is extremely different and unexpected, Panic At The Disco did an amazing job on it and they really deserve alot of praise. They've got the balls to do something so different with their music without worrying about whether or not people will hate them (which, like I said, lots will).
I think it's great that the band that went from nothing to mainstream literally overnight (thank you, Pete Wentz) did something so out there and crazy with their sophomore album. They've taken such a far step away from their old style and it's a really great step.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review! :D
Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it if you'd like to!
And let me know what you think of "Pretty. Odd."!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I finally got my MacBook on Monday HECK YESSSSSS :D
So it's awesome and everything, and now I just have to buy TuneRanger and I'm all set ;]

Last night I tried out broadcasting on Justin.TV using the camera in the MacBook and it was surprisingly addicting, like Jillian told me haha.
I didn't believe her, but it was pretty fun.
I don't know how often I'll do it because I do prefer real-life interaction...but it WAS fun so we'll see.

I'm not sure what's going on today but I want to see Kathleen hopefully!
And I just watched the new South Park and I almost pissed at the very end lmfao.

Okay I'm going to go take a shower!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Long time, no blog!

Well for whatever reason I haven't gotten around to writing a blog in like 2 weeks :O
But whatever haha, I'm back

My birthday was this past Wednesday and now I'm 17! :DDD
I got lots of money and I got an AWESOME tripod from Kathleen :] and I'm still waiting for my Mac to come in the mail, HOPEFULLY TODAY!
If it does come today I'll be verrrrrrrry happy! :D

That's about it.
There's not too much going on but this coming week is only a 3 day week and the following week is only a 3 day week as well, so that's cool!

Alrighty I need some breakfast.

So long!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I'm finally like all better.
It was so damn annoying being sick.
I still caugh a little but I'm almost totally betterrrrrrrr!

Ahhhhhhhh but now I'm bored and whatever.

So long!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Damn I'm home sick today and it's boring.
I felt sooooo crappy yesterday and this morning, but now luckily I'm starting to feel better.
Regardless of how I feel, I have to go to school tomorrow so I'm hoping I feel better by tonight.
I have a feeling I will :D
I'm still crossing my fingers haha.

And that's about it.
I'm just really hungry and really bored!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm getting sick

and it sucks.
And I think I made Kathleen sick too! :[
Poop hopefully we both get better soon.
I don't want to miss school! :O

And I'm excited to watch Across The Universe soon.
Anyone who knows me knows I was excited as piss for it when it came out,
but as usual lately I didn't get to see it in theaters!
So now Kat has it and I'm going to watch it this week! :DDD

I can't wait until I can get a job at Island 16.
I think I'm going to try because then I get free movies and I won't miss any! x]

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The week off is almost over!

DAMN! :/
Oh well, it's almost my birthday so I'm looking forward to that! :D
I got pretty much everything done that I wanted to on this week off, so that's cool too.
I might clean up my room a little bit more but other than that I'm done.
It was kinda boring, but ohhh wellllllll.

Okay my throat hurts so I need to go have some orange juice! ;D


Friday, February 22, 2008


Of all the days for it to snow, it snows when I have stuff I want to do!
It's stopping now so hopefully it won't mess EVERYTHING up.
We might go to the diner for breakfast and then I'm gonna go to two stores and thennnn hopefully I'm going to see Kathleen later :]

Okay that's about it.
Oh and I went to Kevin's last night to show him Memento.
He was a little confused, what a shock ;]


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yesterday all I did pretty much was go to Andrew's for two hours or so to play guitar and play Rock Band hahah.
At least I actually DID something though.
I don't think anything is even going on today! :O

Oh well, I gotta find something or I'll go insaneeeee.
I'm gonna go have some breakfast now and then hopefully I'll make plans.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HTML can be really annoying

It's starting to kill me haha, but I'm sooooo close to being done with it!
I just need to finish my website and finish my MySpace and everything and then I'm DONE! :D

I'm gonna go have some breakfast and then see where the day goes I guess.
Hopefully I'll get to see Kathleen today :]


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boring Vacation

The vacation has begun and it's boring so far.
I'm getting stuff done though, luckily.
I cleaned my room and the basement and yeah, so that's good.
And I watched American Pie: Beta House today! :D
It was hilarious, as I knew it would be.

That's really it...


Sunday, February 17, 2008


I don't know why but I keep getting randomly busy for a week or two at a time!
This week off, I plan to clean my room, my editing studio thingy, my computer (the desktop is a mess of files haha), and anything else. I need to clean everything and get everything done that I've been meaning to do! :O

Two nights ago was the AVA show that I went to with Kathleen!
It was amaaaaazing :]]
I put videos from it up on Facebook so there you go!

Alright time to go have some food before I die!


Saturday, February 9, 2008

City tomorrow!

Me, Rowe, and Kevin are finally going into the city tomorrow morning to film a Rubik's Cube video in Times Square! :D
It should be pretty great and everything so yeah, that's that haha.

I'm almost done with my remix of the new Panic At The Disco song "Nine In The Afternoon" so that's also cool.
It's coming out exactly how I wanted it to so far!

And lastly the next two weeks are going to be great so I'm verrrrrrry excited! :D

Okay that's it for now, I'm going to go watch some TV and rest.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Drivers Ed!

I started Drivers Ed yesterday with a lecture class and so far so good.
Today is my first driving class after school so we'll see how that goes ;]
I really can't wait until our computer is totally fixed and everything again so I can reload my stuff back onto it.
I haven't really done much of anything on it for a week or so because I don't want to save anything haha.
I can save it on my new external hard drive but I don't always feel like going to get it from my room XP

Okay I'm gonna go have breakfast and get the hell out of here :D


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long time, no blog!

So I've been somewhat busy recently and haven't been able to do a blog!
I just hung out today and tomorrow I'm hopefully going to see Kathleeeeen :]]
That's about it for this weekened!

This week finally starts the second half of the school year which means I'll be in...STUDIO IN VIDEO ART! :D
I've been waiting and waiting and I really hope it's going to be good.
I think Barbera will actually do a good job with the class.
I'm disappointed with what I've seen from the Creative Writing class so it's a really great thing that I didn't get into it this year.
I most likely will NOT be taking it next year.
If I do I'll go insane with how retarded everyone is because the work I've seen so far is pretty awful lmao.
And the teacher seems to think it's all amazing which is even worse -_-
Barbera knows his stuff so he'll understand what's actually good and what's not, and he'll be honest about it. :D

Okay enough for now, I'm going to go wait for my mom to get home with the pizza!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vlogs, Sickness, and AVA!

I made my Vlog Channel on YouTube on Friday night and I posted TWO Vlogs yesterday! :D
Then I bought AVA tickets for me and Kat so we're definitely going :]]
And today I woke up really sick :/

Oh well, I'll just hang out today
If I feel the same tomorrow I'm not going to school because this sucks


Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally Friday!

It's January 11th and Kathleen is hopefully coming over later :]
I already started the day off well with a brand new HILARIOUS Explosm short.
Click the following picture to watch it lmao!
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

I'm off to school soon so wish me luck on my math test! ;]

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Great day :]

I went to Kat's house today and of course it was great because I love being with her more than anything :]]

And then I came home and hung out, then Jordan basically made my sides ache from laughter when he sent me this:
m1chnoff: so, i was walking behind the retard parade today (the parade of retarded kids walking from class to class) and all of a sudden this one turns around and started punching me lmao so i was like wtf so i threw him into a wall and then the retard wrangler (the woman who follows them around and tells them what to do) was all yelling at me and like YOU CANT DO THAT THATS MORALLY WRONG and i was like, but he started it. then i had to go to the deans office and the dean was fucking cracking up, like hysterically, like he couldnt breathe and i was like hehe.

Ahhhhhh God that's hilarious :D
Alrighty I'm off to bed!
Tomorrow I'm hopefully hanging out with PlayaLeigh to watch a movie at her crib!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Panic! At The Disco song + my new camera came!

Okay so yesterday and today have been very exciting!
Yesterday my new camera came and it's awesomeeeeeeeeeee! :D
Here's a picture of the sexy little thing ;]

Then today I caught up to the fact that Panic! At The Disco put up a new song and a new blog!
They put it up on the 1st but I haven't been checking on them recently so there you go :P
The song made me so soso excited for their new album :D

Okay I'm starving and I'm gonna go search the house for food!
Oh and hopefully I'll see Kathleen again today :]]


Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 so far...

Well the first day of 2008 was the best January 1st ever!
I spent the day with Kathleen and it was amazing, of course :]]

And school has been fine so far too! Everything is easy now for some reason! :D

Okay I don't really know what else to say so that's about it!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's 2008!

I've been excited for 2008 since the Fall-ish and now it's finally here!
It started amazingly so I know it'll be great :]

I'm hopefully going to the mall later with Kat.
I hope it works out because I really wanna go!

And I also really hope my new camera comes today! :D

That's all for now!