Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nightmare: Ghost Stories in NYC

I thought it was awesome last year, but this year it was TEN TIMES AWESOMERRR! :D
The only thing I liked last year that wasn't really in this year's house was that there was more interaction between guests and actors, but this year had so many more insane effects so it didn't matter!
I don't want to give away too much because I want other people to go check it out,
but it starts off RIGHT away with a bang and doesn't let up until the very end. :D
The actors were GREAT, they were all really into it. None of them seemed unmotivated at all, I guess they get paid alot. ;] Haha but no they really were great. And the visual effects they pulled off were AMAZING. I don't know how they came up with a few of those things. Timothy Haskell is a damn genious when it comes to haunted houses.
Anyways also you might want to pass on this one if you're really claustrophobic. I'd say there was about enough room for 1 person to squeeze through in alot of the hallways. It's NOT wheelchair accessible (or fat person accessible I guess lmao).
The maze was cool too, just a maze with some people in it basically. What made that good is that the people were not only relentless in following us around, but they had some good lines and good scares.

All in all, you're a damn fool if you don't go check out Nightmare: Ghost Stories!
It's in the lower east side of Manhattan in the CSV Cultural Center.
Here's a link to the official website -

Monday, September 24, 2007

Scandal! Lies! Wheelies!

So today suddenly got very exciting a little while ago when Kevin told me that according to someone working at the camp on Saturday, we were "doing wheelies, driving on the main road, and jumping off the carts"!
If we weren't sorta in trouble-ish, I'd find it to be hilarious and I'd enjoy picturing us doing those things!
However this time it's false, I wouldn't do stuff like that at the camp and risk getting in trouble.
Now we just have to tell the guy that claims he watched us do these things (lmfao) that we did NOT do them and hopefully get the sound system we were going to use for the Spooky Walk back.

In other news, I put up two new songs on my music MySpace!
Click this picture to check them out! :D

In OTHER other news, I put up the first episode of "Creating The Black Woods"!
Click this picture to watch it in YouTube! :D

And that's all for now!

OH and I stayed home sick today!
That's it haha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This week is going really well so far!

Yesterday I stayed after with Kat and then took her late bus home to her house and then we walked to get pizza. :D
And then when I got home I finished recording another song, so now I only have like 1 more song to go plus I'm adding a bass beat to the blog song.
Hooray for creativity! :D

Haha now I'm going to school.
Gym today finally! :D

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The weekend is finally over!

I made it out alive! :D
Everyone is home, now I can stop being bored to death.

Okay I'm gonna go wait to take a shower,
then I'm going to bed.

Lata kidzzz

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm actually surviving the weekend!

I thought it would be boring as hell but it won't be so bad.
Yesterday my mom and I got Chinese food and then rented The Night Listener (which was really good and creepy).
Today we're going to get Friendly's for lunch and ICE CREAM. :D
Then we're going to Best Buy to get me new headphones for my iPod.
THEN we're going to see The Brave One at Island 16.

Tomorrow I'll have something to do too,
so that's good. ;D

Friday, September 14, 2007

This weekend is going to be so boring!

Everyone's gone for some reason!
Like literally everyone is gone.
I'm not gonna be able to get any Spooky Walk stuff done or anything.
I'm going to end up working on music and finishing like 2 or 3 songs haha.

Oh well, whatever.
I'm going to stock up on more candy later,
then maybe my mom and I are going to Friendly's for ice cream. :D

Lata hataz

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Duck BBQ at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

Today Kevin and I volunteered at the Duck Races/Duck BBQ at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck.
Some hilarioussssss shit happened of course haha.
For a while everything was fine, Kevin was helping at the lake and I was on garbage duty, but eventually something happened! :O
We got radioed that some kids stole a golf cart and we were given orders to hop into a cart and go through the trails to find it. So Kevin and I were ripping through the trails on the golf cart and we rode to the train tracks. We got out and looked up and down the tracks and sure enough we see two guys walking towards us. So Kevin suggests we get the hell back in the cart and leave and I agreed haha. We rode back, but then decided to go see if the cart was sitting in the trail and turned around. We're halfway there when we see the guys RIGHT in front of us standing there. Kevin hit the brakes and we just sat there staring at them while they stared at us. I quietly whispered "reverse" and Kevin slowly put the cart into reverse. Then he slowly started to back up. The guys started wlaking towards us and Kevin put it in full gear and we shot backwards. So I'm holding on to the top and Kevin's is looking back trying to steer it in reverse as I see these guys coming for us lmao. Finally Kevin got to a clearing and turned it around and we got out.
Later those guys were found and taken to be asked about the cart, they said they knew nothing about it.
The cart was later found in the trail with a dead battery lmao.

Anyway it was a really fun day, work aside. I can't wait to start working on the Spooky Walk there! :D

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kevin and I had a contest...

to see who could make the funniest Christmas Card out of the Vanessa Hudgens nude picture that surfaced recently online.
I do not think this picture is real, I think it MIGHT be fake.
The description of the real one is different than this one,
but regardless it's apparently real.
I think the winner of our little contest is clearly apparent. ;]

Here's MY entry! :DDD

I think they're both hysterical lmfao I hope you all like them. XD

And here's Kevin's entry:

Click them both to make them bigger!

Anyway tomorrow is the Duck BBQ at Camp P, and that's about all I'm doing haha.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of school!

The first day was today and it was awesomeeeeeeee.
However I HAVE to switch out of World History Through Movies or I'll kill myself.
I better be able to switch into something else haha.

In other news, the new iPod was unveiled today and me and Kevin are shitting ourselves over it! :D
Check it out at!

Anddddd that's about it! :D

Monday, September 3, 2007

My computer hasn't been working, but now it is!

Now I can finally find things out again.
It's insanely hard to keep up with stuff when you have no internet access!
For instance, I was a day late seeing the Saw 4 teaser trailer! :O It's amazing, I love it. :D
Well anyway, I've been reinstalling programs and stuff, and tomorrow I'll get up early to start transferring files from my downstairs computer to this one (with a brand new 250 gb hard drive! :D). I moved all my files to my downstairs computer prior to wiping out the hard drive, then we found out it was broken and worthless, then we got a new one, now I'm posting a blog! :D
Haha okay enough of this, there's not much to talk about.
OH except I almost cried with extreme joy when me and Kevin finished the Spooky Walk sign! :]]]]]]]
It came out AMAZING!

Anyway, I'll post again tomorrow when I'm not as busy.
Lata hatazzz!