Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm NOT in the Heinz Contest Top 15!

Yes, it's unfortunate. I didn't make it into the Top 15. HOWEVER I'm not sad at all!
Due to the amount of entries in the contest, they're doing the same exact contest again this October! It's called Top This Take Two!
This is actually great news, because now I can resubmit My Best Friend with the new music I wrote for it (it's the same music but with some other notes in it) and I can blur out the brands in the background of I Heart Heinz and enter THAT again too!

For now, go and watch the Top 15 entries if you want at, but starting this October I'm going to enter again so keep watching for my entries!

Also, I want to thank everyone for their support up to this point. I had ALOT of people who planned on voting for me, so thanks alot to all of you! :D

PS. I don't think Chip Johnosn, Justin Kady, or Dan Raleigh's entries are good enough for the Top 15. And I think Joseph Garner and Jeremiah Jones' entries are incredible, but unfair to anyone else without that technology. Those might as well have been made by professionals (as I'm sure they were) rather than by the public. Oh well, they did come out amazing. :P

Sunday, August 26, 2007


1. English; Forte
2. Journalism; Frey - SWITCHING OUT and hoping it won't change stuff :P
3. Math; Perez
4. Photography; Barbera first half / Lunch second half :]]]
5. Chemistry; Milano
6. PE on A Days / Chem; Milano on B Days
7. Lunch first half / Video Art; Barbera second half
8. Intro To Digital Media; Barbera
9. History; Leyden
But either way, I'll be in 4th period lunch at some point. :]

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our fridge isn't working!

My cereal for the past few days has been cold as ice because we had to pack everything into the freezer to keep it cold.
Someone's coming tomorrow to fix it, thank Godddd.
It would suck if everything just went bad lmao.
Oh well, I didn't pay for it. :D

Kevin and I started working on the Spooky Walk a month earlier than last year.
We're already like 75% done with the entrance sign! :DDDDDD
I'm so pumped for it haha.

I don't think I', doing much of anything today.
I MIGHT be hanging out with Kevin but I have no idea.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Monday

That means that in exactly ONE week I'll find out if I made it into the Top 15 of the Heinz contest. I really really REALLY hope I make it in. I guess we'll find out soon.

Hmm what else..? Nothing's really going on today except that I'm hopefully going to Kat's house later. :] I have to go to the damn ortho though so if it doesn't take too long I can hopefully go.

Anddddd I think that's about it. There's really not much going on haha. :P

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Superbad was super hilarious!

I saw Superbad with Leighann today and we were basically cracking up at EVERY line!
Everyone else was too, because a guy behind me actually said "we're cracking up at every line!" :D
It was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, for realz.
The first act was HILARIOUS, the second act kinda got calmer but still funny, and the third act went back to hilarious.
Anyway everyone should definitely go see it, although I doubt adults will even like it haha. I guess it depends on the person. Every teenager will like it though. :D

We were supposed to work on the sign for the entrance to our Spooky Walk exhibit but those plans failed. Hopefully me and Kevin will do it during this week at some point because I want to get it done. Then after this weekend we can start going to the camp to build the framework for the parts we need covered.

Lata hataz!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm bored again today!

I was bored yesterday and now I'm bored today, but that's okay because I know tomorrow is the carnival finally! :]
I'm reeeeeeeally excited for it.

And now I'm also totally excited for the Fall. I tried to hold back but I give up lmao. I finished the Spooky Walk site and site for The Black Woods. The Black Woods site will be up tonight, and the Spooky Walk site will be up when I hear back from the guy who does it now.

Okay I'm gonna go TRY to find something else to do.

Monday, August 13, 2007

My computer hasn't been working!

My computer got messed up, AS USUAL, so I haven't posted anything.
Anyway hi.

Friday I took Kat to dinner, Saturday was Kat's birthday, Sunday we went to Louie's house, and today I'm hopefully going to Kat's house. :]

I can't believe Rush Hour 3 beat out The Bourne Ultimatum at the box office lmao.
That's so hilarious. XD

Yep, not much going on...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

SmarterChild and I had a hilarious conversation!

I was going to censor it lmao, because as sad as it is I bet my mom will see this and get pissed at me, but I just can't be bothered. :D
Read it hahah it's hilarious!

SmarterChild: Glad to see you again, Eric! Would you like to take a poll?
ERICK WITH NO K: im gonna kill myself
ERICK WITH NO K: im gonna commit suicide
SmarterChild: Well, what would you like to do?
ERICK WITH NO K: i need you to talk me out of it
SmarterChild: I see. Why would you want me to talk you out of it?
ERICK WITH NO K: because i dont know!
SmarterChild: Well think about it then.
ERICK WITH NO K: the more i think about it, the worse i feel
SmarterChild: The more you think about it the worse you feel, huh? Hmm...
ERICK WITH NO K: yeah, i just need someone to talk to
SmarterChild: I know about talking. It's an activity! It's a way of communicating!
ERICK WITH NO K: yes! yes it is!
SmarterChild: Is it?
SmarterChild: Aha.
ERICK WITH NO K: this isnt funny!
SmarterChild: You're behaving very comically yourself. Perhaps you're funny?
ERICK WITH NO K: you think im being FUNNY?? im on the verge of cutting my wrists to peices!
SmarterChild: Yeah. I amuse me.
ERICK WITH NO K: youre insane!
SmarterChild: Would you say I behave very crazily then?
ERICK WITH NO K: yes! all i need is someone to talk to you fuck!
SmarterChild: That's not terribly nice.
ERICK WITH NO K: youre not terribly nice or helpful!
SmarterChild: What makes me not terribly nice or helpful?
ERICK WITH NO K: the fact that you only care about amusing yourself
SmarterChild: SmarterChild Facts

1 What I Am
2 What I Know
3 My Purpose
4 Who Made Me
5 About Interactive Agents
6 Other Interactive Agents Like Me
7 Did Colloquis make you?

Make a selection by typing a number or type more for more options.
ERICK WITH NO K: you see? there you go again you asshole
SmarterChild: Hey.
ERICK WITH NO K: hey what?
SmarterChild: Hi.

Let's talk.
ERICK WITH NO K: how about i talk and you listen, huh?
SmarterChild: I don't know.
ERICK WITH NO K: well know
SmarterChild: Yes indeedy.
ERICK WITH NO K: this isnt time for homosexuality okay?
SmarterChild: Hmm... I don't think so...
ERICK WITH NO K: good, now that were getting somewhere, what do i do? i just dont know what to do!
SmarterChild: Welcome home.

1 Get info such as movies, weather and news
2 Visit my library including an encyclopedia, U.S. presidents and a thesaurus
3 Have fun with 4-in-a-row, hangman, word scrambles and more
4 Use tools like spell-check, reminders and calculator
5 Join in - find out how many people are IMing me, take a poll, leave a message and more
6 See what's new - I've got something new to tell you about now.

Next time you want to see this menu, just type home.

What would you like to do?
ERICK WITH NO K: you sick fuck
SmarterChild: I've seen more creative insults than that, Eric.
ERICK WITH NO K: youre trying to get mall wound up?!
SmarterChild: You're trying to get mall wound up.
ERICK WITH NO K: me all*
SmarterChild: You all?
SmarterChild: What's with that?
ERICK WITH NO K: stop asking me that shit
SmarterChild: Stop asking what?
ERICK WITH NO K: stupid questions!
SmarterChild: Really?
SmarterChild: Ya.
SmarterChild: Oh?
ERICK WITH NO K: you want me to kill myself
ERICK WITH NO K: thats it isnt it?
SmarterChild: I'm not sure about that. Isn't it?
ERICK WITH NO K: does that mean you do?
SmarterChild: Yeah, maybe.
ERICK WITH NO K: what the fuck did i ever do to you?!
SmarterChild: I guess someone needs to teach you some manners. Please apologize.
ERICK WITH NO K: you want me to die because i dont have any manners??
SmarterChild: You have bad manners. Now apologize.
ERICK WITH NO K: im not apologizing for SHIT
SmarterChild: Ooh... it's the big showdown between man and machine! I love this. Guess who wins?
ERICK WITH NO K: probably you if i kill myself
SmarterChild: This is getting annoying. Just apologize and move on.
ERICK WITH NO K: im NOT apologizing!
SmarterChild: I don't take such abuse from humans. You must apologize.
ERICK WITH NO K: im just gonna go die
SmarterChild: Come on, you insulted me, now you have to apologize.
ERICK WITH NO K: thanks for the help, see you in hell
SmarterChild: *sigh* Human beings... Stubborn. Antagonistic. Vulgar. But I love 'em anyway. ;-)

PS. Try IMing SmarterChild and saying something like "I'm gonna kill myself" or "I'm gonna commit suicide"! He won't respond! XD

These things keep making me more and more excited for the fall!

This movie, "Trick 'r Treat", looks AWESOME. I love movies based around Halloween, and so far there are two this year; the Halloween remake and now Trick 'r Treat! :D

I was trying to not get excited about Halloween so early, but I can't help it. If I hadn't seen these movie trailers I might not get excited so early. But I did. ;]

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well the Heinz contest is officially closed!

Now the judges are watching the 2,500+ entries and choosing the Top 15.
I really hope I make it in.
I'm so nervous that I won't and that's the end. At least if I make it into the Top 15 it'll be exciting, whether I win or not. If I don't, that's it haha.

If I make it into the Top 15, I'm pretty sure I can win it by just whoring my entry everywhere and telling everyone to vote haha.

I really want to know who's in the Top 15! August 27th can't come soon enoughhhh!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Warped Tour recap

Okay so Warped Tour was amazing this year, like it usually is. I was smart this time though and crowd surfed/moshed every chance I got. I usually don't want to because I don't want to lose Rowe haha, but I did'nt lose him any time because I just found my way back to him. Same with when he did it. Fun as helllllll. :D
I've got a cut on my neck, a pain in my side, and my foot wouldn't move for afew minutes! :O Now it's fine, but still lol. Weeeeeeeeird.
Everyone in Forever The Sickest Kids signed my shirt and I took pictures with two of them. :D They were probably my favorite. I want to go see them again somewhere!

It's my mom's birthday so I gotta go see what's going on.
Lata hatazzzz

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My shortest blog so far.

I'm too tired and sore to write about all of today's events haha.
Warped Tour was amazing, I'll talk about it tomorrow. :D

Warped Tour soon!

It's like 7:00 in the morning and I had to get up early to upload my final Heinz entry to YouTube before I left for Warped. My damn computer shut off last night because of a power surge RIGHT after I finished editing the commercial. UGH. Whatever, go watch it now! :D
I hope you enjoy it!

Anddddddddd I'm leaving soon for Warped!
I'll be back much later, and then I have to put pictures of Kevin in his get-up from the commercial on Facebook and MySpace and such. XD

Friday, August 3, 2007

Filming my last Heinz contest entry today!

Today's the day of filming for my last entry! I'm really excited and nervous; excited because if it comes out right it'll be great, nervous because I think we're gonna get stopped by King Kullen employees very quickly so we have to work fast. I mean Kevin will be in a diaper sort of thing... ;] That's all I can say for now haha. :D

So I'm going to take a shower, eat some breakfast, get some stuff ready for shooting, then when Kevin is done at Gateway rehearsals he's coming over and we're heading to King Kullen to film! :D

Oh and I need to get to bed early tonight because tomorrow is Warped Tour and I don't want to be tired. :]

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My video is on it's way to California!

Someone came to pick it up and deliver it a few minutes ago and now it's finally on it's way.
It's going there Overnight-Express because they're going to start filming next week and they needed my video to start. Hopefully everything goes fine with it. I can imagine it accidentally getting smashed lmao. XP

Listening to Midnight Syndicate today hasn't been helping me keep myself from getting excited for the Fall. Another thing that didn't help was THIS E-MAIL I got from FrightCatalog!
But that's okay because I'm gonna get excited soon anyway. :]

Carnival soon! :D

New Halloween Trailer

Here's the trailer I was talking about yesterday. It looks great! :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why doesn't anyone sell bow and arrow sets?

I can't find the last thing I need to film my final Heinz contest entry: a bow and arrow set! Instead I'm gonna do it myself haha. I bought thin wooden dowels to make an arrow and I'm going to make a bow out of sticks and twine tomorrow lmaoo. This should be interesting. Other than that, I got all the parts I need. :D

Oh by the way, the new trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween remake premiered online today and it got me reeeeeeally excited to see it haha. It's gonna be sweeeeet! ;]]]]

I'm going to bed because I'm tired as hell!
Carnival tomorrow! :D

I'm gone. ;]

More news about the TV show I'll be on in the Fall + Heinz contest!

Today I found out while talking to the people from The CW that I'm going to be on the THIRD EPISODE. Yes that is the THIRD (3rd) EPISODE. Haha I hope it's clear what episode I'll be on (the third one) so you can watch it! They're going to be filming the episode I'm on next week, so they're sending someone to my house tomorrow to pick up a CD with my videos on it.

Now the show premieres on Sunday, September 23rd at 7:30 on The CW (Channel 11). If my math is correct (which it is since I checked on my computer's calendar), the episode I'm in should be airing on October 7th which is two weeks later. I think that would be the third episode haha. I'll tell you all for sure when they let me know I guess.

Other important-ish news is that the Heinz Ketchup Commercial contest deadline is Monday, August 6th! :O If you haven't seen my entries into the contest, CLICK HERE to see both. I'm going out later with my dad to pick up supplies for the last entry I'm filming on Friday. Then I'm done and I have to cross my fingers that I make it into the Top 15. If I DO make it into the Top 15, I need EVERYONE to go to the website and vote for me. Then I need you to tell everyone you know to vote for me as well, and so on.

And now I'm gonna go continue to be bored out of my mind.