Monday, September 3, 2007

My computer hasn't been working, but now it is!

Now I can finally find things out again.
It's insanely hard to keep up with stuff when you have no internet access!
For instance, I was a day late seeing the Saw 4 teaser trailer! :O It's amazing, I love it. :D
Well anyway, I've been reinstalling programs and stuff, and tomorrow I'll get up early to start transferring files from my downstairs computer to this one (with a brand new 250 gb hard drive! :D). I moved all my files to my downstairs computer prior to wiping out the hard drive, then we found out it was broken and worthless, then we got a new one, now I'm posting a blog! :D
Haha okay enough of this, there's not much to talk about.
OH except I almost cried with extreme joy when me and Kevin finished the Spooky Walk sign! :]]]]]]]
It came out AMAZING!

Anyway, I'll post again tomorrow when I'm not as busy.
Lata hatazzz!

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