Sunday, October 28, 2007

Haven't posted in like two weeks!

I've been insanely busy with Spooky Walk and other things,
but it's all coming to an end and I'm actually glad.
Spooky Walk was kinda disappointing this year.
Our stuff wasn't as great because it rained and we're outside, so some of it got a little messed up.
And the houses weren't that great this year, and they have no excuse because the weather doesn't affect them haha.
I'm really hoping that everyone takes advantage of the fact that next year is the 20th year and they do a really great job.
If we spend more time this coming year to make it better, we can use the same stuff for the next few years before it needs to be fixed up again!

Well anyway, back to other news.
I saw SAW IV this past Friday at midnight. It was the very first showing.
It was so exciting to be there for the first one. :D
I'd have to say that at first I was so confused by the big twist that I was disappointed. But now that I totally understand it I think it's very good and the writing was really clever in how they got us to not realize what was going on.
Only one of the twists I still think is kinda lame, but it's much better now that I know everything about it. ;]
ALSO Halloween is on Wednesday and I'm excited! :D
But I'm also getting excited for the winter, so it's almost overpowering Halloween!
The Fall was lame this year, I'll admit it.
I called it ahead of time that it was gonna be lame so I'm not surprised.
Next year, however, should be great.
I'll try to make it great.
Mostly it's the Spooky Walk that needs alot of help haha.
If my plan for building our exhibit works,
I won't be busy at all every weekend of October like I was this past year! :D
That'll be a HUGE difference than every other year.
It'll be sick.

I'm pumpeddddddd! :D

That's it for now!

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