Saturday, October 6, 2007

Darkside Haunted House

We went to Darkside last night!
As usual, we were the first group of the season (three years in a row) and we got to go in again for free!
We also spoke with the guy who runs it for a little while and it was fun.
This was their 10th year anniversary and I think it was the best year yet.
Although it was mostly the same as it usually is, there were some things fixed up and there were some new effects.
The ONE problem I have with Darkside is that it doesn't compare to Spooky Walk at all.
Darkside is about 10 minutes TOPS, while Spooky Walk lasts about an hour.
Also the price is less at Spooky Walk than at Darkside, so you really get your money's worth.
However Darkside is alot of fun and they do an amazing job with their effects and actors.
Everyone on LI has to go check it out at some point this Halloween season!

And I love this :]]]

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