Monday, October 8, 2007

Bayville Scream Park

Alright so we went to Bayville Scream Park last night and I have to admit, I was surprised by the fact that it was a little better than last year. They still need to hire MORE actors, but at least they did have more than last year (I could have probably counted last year's staff on my fingers). They just need some more actors and it would be great.
Bloodworth Manor and Uncle Needle's Funhouse of Fear are the only things worth going in. The Temple of Terror is annoying as hell (like last year) and the Pirates were okay. Actually I guess the pirates were worth going to as well. But either way, the two houses in the big warehouse were worth it.
The sets really are amazing, so are the animatronics and stuff like that. Only other problem I have is that they should put on a roof because right now you look up and see the roof of the warehouse another 30 feet up. Oh well, it's only a small problem.

So in conclusion it was alot of fun. With more actors and a roof, Bayville Scream Park would be MUCH better. I'd suggest it to people now but I'd tell them to only go to the first two houses and MAYBE the Pirates.

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