Monday, September 24, 2007

Scandal! Lies! Wheelies!

So today suddenly got very exciting a little while ago when Kevin told me that according to someone working at the camp on Saturday, we were "doing wheelies, driving on the main road, and jumping off the carts"!
If we weren't sorta in trouble-ish, I'd find it to be hilarious and I'd enjoy picturing us doing those things!
However this time it's false, I wouldn't do stuff like that at the camp and risk getting in trouble.
Now we just have to tell the guy that claims he watched us do these things (lmfao) that we did NOT do them and hopefully get the sound system we were going to use for the Spooky Walk back.

In other news, I put up two new songs on my music MySpace!
Click this picture to check them out! :D

In OTHER other news, I put up the first episode of "Creating The Black Woods"!
Click this picture to watch it in YouTube! :D

And that's all for now!

OH and I stayed home sick today!
That's it haha.

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