Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Great day :]

I went to Kat's house today and of course it was great because I love being with her more than anything :]]

And then I came home and hung out, then Jordan basically made my sides ache from laughter when he sent me this:
m1chnoff: so, i was walking behind the retard parade today (the parade of retarded kids walking from class to class) and all of a sudden this one turns around and started punching me lmao so i was like wtf so i threw him into a wall and then the retard wrangler (the woman who follows them around and tells them what to do) was all yelling at me and like YOU CANT DO THAT THATS MORALLY WRONG and i was like, but he started it. then i had to go to the deans office and the dean was fucking cracking up, like hysterically, like he couldnt breathe and i was like hehe.

Ahhhhhh God that's hilarious :D
Alrighty I'm off to bed!
Tomorrow I'm hopefully hanging out with PlayaLeigh to watch a movie at her crib!


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