Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bloc Party = Sold Out?

So I was going to buy tickets to the Bloc Party show in August at Webster Hall hopefully, but I'm checking today (May 1st, but the tickets go on sale to general public on May 2nd) and it says it's SOLD OUT!
I'm hoping it says that because tickets are on even on sale yet.
They went on sale on April 29th to The Marshalls (a fan club) but I can't believe they bought them ALL.
Damn that blows...
Oh well, hopefully they'll play here again soon.
Actually I'd prefer they play here again AFTER their next album is released because apparently its going to be more like the old stuff. :D

Today I really need to do a few things for a school, and I probably hopefully will!

But NOW it's time for breakfast!


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