Sunday, July 29, 2007

My computer is a piece of crap!

Every time the power goes out (which it went out twice, due to the bad weather), it takes like 2 or 3 hours for it to reboot! I don't know why! I mean I used to have all of my editing programs on this one until I got my own computer, but now they're all gone! All the programs, all of Jill's Sims games, everything! Ugh, I don't get it!

Well anyway, now it's sort of working so I can post in my blog, which I told myself I'd actually use! :D

Today was pretty uneventful, except I got to see Kat for a few minutes. :]]]]]]
And I had some cookies and a buttered bagel and that's about it lmao.
Oh but, I think I've decided on a final layout for our Spooky Walk exhibit. I'll see what Kevin thinks and then I guess I'll start drawing it out and whatever. It's not even August, so I don't really want to get that into it yet. I love doing the Spooky Walk, but I don't love it THAT much haha. ;]

OH AND LASTLY, I have to film my last Heinz commercial at some point this week! :O
I'll hopefully get it done by Wednesday or Thursday, so we'll see how that goes.

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