Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm going to be on The CW Channel 11!

That's right! I'm going to be on The CW, formerly The WB, home to Smallville and probably reruns of The OC! Haha I've been talking to people from the network since yesterday afternoon when THEY contacted ME about using one or more of my videos in a new show coming this fall called Online Nation. It looks like it should be a pretty funny show! All I care about really is the fact that one or more of my videos will be on it. ;]
CLICK HERE to see a screenshot of my Inbox on my Yahoo! Mail with e-mails from the people at The CW! :D

So this is pretty huge. If I win the Heinz contest I'll be all over TV! Haha that would be sweeeeeet! ;] But for now all I know is that they sent me a bunch of paperwork to read and fill out. Legal stuff haha. Then I have to mail that to them in CA and they'll get back to me about more details.

When I know more and the date of the episode my video(s) will be in, I'll let everyone know!

PS. That was the huge news I was referring to last night. ;]

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