Saturday, December 8, 2007

Push Play!

Last night was the Push Play show at Pat/Med and it was alottttt of fun! :D
I couldn't dance or move around or anything but it was still great!
And I'm checking out one of the bands that played, Lights Resolve, because they sounded awesome.
I wanna try to go see them at the Crazy Donkey next Wednesday.
We'll see what happens. x]

Now I'm pumped to go see Angels And Airwaves in February in the city! :DDD
But that's still a few months away.
Then it's Bamboozle in May and Warped Tour in August!
It's going to be great next year. :P

Right I'm trying to find the Dual-Monitor Adapter I want and I'm waiting for the results of the What The Buck contest! :O

That's about it for now.

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